Public Deliverables

Public Deliverables

This document reports on the architecture and specifications of the 5G 39 GHz proof-of-concept demonstrator system. The aim of the report is to set the scene for the development of the constituent sub-systems (e.g. antennas, front-end circuits, signal processing etc.).

This report outlines the specifications of two high-performance W-band systems: a wireless point-to-point system and a short-range radar system. A first order breakdown of the system specifications to front-end sub-system requirements are made. It is found that the front-end sub-system share similar requirements between these two use cases. These requirements will be used for further work on the W-band multifunctional GaN-on-Si MMICS in WP4.

5G mmWave packaging requirements are given, and the specifications of the packaging platform proposed in SERENA to meet these requirements are presented. The platform is specified to meet the performance, reliability, size and cost requirements.

This deliverable describes the signal processing of theSERENA 5G 39 GHz proof-of-concept demonstrator. The re-port introduces different signal processing aspects of the sys-tem including the hybrid digital-analog architecture, the initialacquisition phase, and the multiuser multiple-input multiple-output precoding. It proposes solutions for these problemsand describes them theoretically

This document describes the interface between the SERENA mmWave hardware and the TUB CommIT massive MIMO SDR. The report explains the implementation of the hardware and the digital control of the interface.

In the course of the SERENA project research on the design and manufacturing of an antenna-in-package module containing a GaN amplifier IC and a SiGe beam forming IC for 5G mmWave applications was performed. The module uses a low-cost packaging technology. The report contains details on the design, manufacturing process and the characterization of the modules.

This report includes updates on the exploitation, dissemination and communication plans as well as initial reports on the executed activities. It furthermore includes a first view on the market, its opportunities and on the target audiences.