Technical Approach

The SERENA project is planned to run for 36 months. It is organized into eight work packages (WP) with significant dependencies and expected synergies between them which are described shortly in the following:

  • WP1: System architecture and specifications
    WP1 will define the architecture and specifications of the proof-of- concept systems (39 GHz and at E/W-band) and break down the specifications to the subsystem level. A major part of the architecture work is to define the boundaries and signal processing for the hybrid analogue/digital beamforming.
  • WP2: 39GHz Front-end Circuit: Design and Manufacturing
    WP2 designs, fabricates and characterizes the 39 GHz front-end chipset (T/R GaN-on-Si MMIC).
  • WP3: 39GHz Core & Control Circuits: Design and Manufacturing
    WP3 designs, fabricates and characterizes the 39 GHz core-chip in SiGe-BiCMOS and the control chip in a silicon smart-power technology.
  • WP4: E-/W-band Single chip frontend MMIC: Design and Manufacturing
    WP4 explores critical building blocks for implementing the SERENA technology at the upper range of mm-wave frequencies.
  • WP5: Integration Platform
    WP5 designs, fabricates and tests a miniaturized, costeffective and high performance integration platform with embedded ICs and passive components for the 39 GHz system demonstrator.
  • WP6: Proof-of-concept Platform
    WP6 implements the proposed hybrid architecture (WP1) by inte­ grating the platform (WP5) and the front-end circuits (WP2) into a proof-of-concept system at 39 GHz. The 39 GHz proof-of-concept will be fully tested with a baseband processing system. An additional proof-of-concept system will be implemented and evaluated at E/W-band using a realised singlechip frontend MMIC (WP4).
  • WP7: Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation and Training
    WP7 will obtain inputs from all other WPs and ensures the communication and dissemination of results achieved within the individual WPs to the outside parties as well as to participating entities. Further, WP7 will support the partners to exploit the achieved results and impacts on the European and international market.
  • WP8: Project, Risk, and Innovation Management
    Finally, WP8 will interact with all other WPs in order to ensure a successful project lifetime with respect to risk and innovation management. WP8 shows dependencies to all other WPs as it coordinates and ensures that the tasks are in line with the project work plan and performs scientific coordination as well, in order to reach the common goal of SERENA.