Podcast with Uwe Maaß from Fraunhofer

by Barbara Gaggl
The SERENA project has an important role in leveraging sensing and telecommunication networks of tomorrow.

We all know that 5G is coming and has even arrived in some areas but what most people do not know is that for us to take advantage of these superfast data transfer speeds, new infrastructures must be developed. This includes new antennas. And this is where the SERENA project comes in. Partners are looking at using gallium nitride alongside silicone to enable beam steering antennas. Their goal is to develop an architecture which is small, cost efficient with robust thermal management schemes. In this podcast episode, Uwe Maaß from Fraunhofer explains what this means for you and me. Listen here by clicking on the following link or go to where you usually get your podcasts and search for Euvation.

Click here to listen to the Podcast.