SERENA Technical Meeting (Gothenburg, Sweden)

by Barbara Gaggl
From the 14th - 15th January 2020 SERENA partners were hosted by CHALMERS in Gothenburg/Sweden to conduct the technical meeting, which was co-located with the Car2TERA/SERENA/GRACE Winter School. SERENA partners met for another technical meeting, which took place from 14th – 15th January 2020 at CHALMERS in Gothenburg/Sweden. The meeting started with a warm welcome of the host and the coordinator in the morning of the 14th January. The technical lead (EAB) started with a technical status overview, ongoing activities and further planned steps. Objectives for spring 2020 were presented. Afterwards, WP leaders and other involved partners held presentations about e.g. front-end specifications, the manufactured wafers and the measurement results, target specifications for the W-band multifunction single-chip front-end MMIC, multiphysical simulations, antenna properties, and the status of deliverables and next steps. Also there were discussions about the 5G demonstrator and the W-band demonstrator and a need to revise the time-plan for the upcoming months. More informal, but still project related conversations continued during the common dinner. The second day was dedicated to small group meetings, where concrete tasks were discussed. Furthermore, partners used the time to prepare themselves for the Winter School, which took place from 15th to 17th January, also at CHALMERS. The project meeting, as well as the Winter School were a great success and the SERENA project partners return home with a common understanding of the next steps.