SERENA Technical Meeting @ EAB (Gothenburg/Sweden)

by Super User

On the 4th – 5th of June 2018 the SERENA consortium met for a technical meeting hosted by Ericsson AB in Gothenburg/Sweden.

After the welcome and a short introduction by the host, the technical leader gave a short technical status presentation of the project and presented the meeting objectives. Like this every participant had a good overview and understanding of the current status and what is planned for the upcoming months. After that the team members dipped into deeper technical discussions regarding the technical work packages. Issues regarding the system architecture and specifications, and the design and manufacturing of the 39 GHz core & control circuits as well as of the E-/W-band single chip front-end MMIC were presented and discussed. During a common dinner discussions and socializing continued in a less formal atmosphere. The second day focused on the integration platform and the design and manufacturing of the 39 GHz front-end circuit. Partners were engaged in essential technical alignment discussions, certain tasks and responsibilities were defined and partners agreed on the next steps in the project. To conclude an overview of the dissemination activities and the data management was provided and some administrative issues were covered. All in all it was a very productive and successful meeting and the partners are looking forward to continuing their work in the project.