Podcast with Cédric Corrège from Ommic
The SERENA project deals with developing new technologies in the antenna domain. Cédric Corrège from Ommic explains the project work regarding this aspect. Listen here by clicking on the link below or go to where you usually get your podcasts and search for Euvation.

September 2020

Podcast with Uwe Maaß from Fraunhofer
The SERENA project has an important role in leveraging sensing and telecommunication networks of tomorrow. Uwe Maaß from Fraunhofer explains what this means for you and me. Listen here by clicking on the link below or go to where you usually get your podcasts and search for Euvation.

May 2020

January 2020

Winter School (Gothenburg, Sweden)
The winter school on "Technology and Integration Platforms for Future mm-wave Communication and Radar Applications”, which took place from 15th – 17th January 2020 at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden was a great success. Please find here presentations on trends and requirements in emerging wireless systems, technology circuits for mm-wave communication and sensing, emerging mm-wave technologies and system integration as well as system level design analysis.

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Here are the links to the presentations of the invited speakers:

  1. Sensor technologies for automotive industry (Olof Eriksson - Veoneer) [VIDEO] [PDF]
  2. Short-range mm-wave radar sensors for airborne applications (Robert Malmqvist - FOI) [VIDEO] [PDF]
  3. Silicon technology trends (Franz Dielacher - Infineon) [VIDEO] [PDF]
  4. GaN technology trends (Mohamed Khenissa - OMMIC) [VIDEO] [PDF]
  5. GaN HEMT and MMICs at Chalmers (Niklas Rorsman - Chalmers) [VIDEO] [PDF]
  6. GaN Power Apmlifiers (Florent Gamand - MC2) [VIDEO] [PDF]
  7. Mm wave GaN signal source design (Dan Kuylenstierna - Chalmers) [VIDEO] [PDF]
  8. Micromachining for mm-wave and sub-mm-wave components systems (Joachim Oberhammer - KTH) [VIDEO] [PDF]
  9. Mm-wave communication and radar sensing (Giuseppe Caire TU Berlin) [VIDEO] [PDF]
  10. Multi-physics simulation of mm-wave systems (Christian Fager - Chalmers) [VIDEO] [PDF]

SERENA Newsletter Issue 4
This newsletter provides a short report about the successful winter school as well as information about meetings and conferences in future and past and also an article about the assessment of the SERENA module performance using multi-physical and channel simulations.

November 2019

Join the Winter School 2020
"Technology and Integration Platforms for Future mm-wave Communication and Radar Applications"
Co-organized by H2020 projects Car2TERA, GRACE and SERENA
Downlod the Winter School Flyer

September 2019

SERENA - Video

Interview with Uwe Maaß from Fraunhofer IZM in Brussels, July 2019, talking about the Serena H2020 Project.

March 2019

SERENA Newsletter Issue 3
This newsletter provides information about Meetings and Conferences in future and past and also introduces the SERENA interview video with the technical leader.

February 2019

SERENA - Video

Interview with Kristoffer Andersson. Kristoffer Andersson (Ericsson, Sweden) is the technical lead of the SERENA project. He is talking about the vision and mission of the project.

November 2018

SERENA Newsletter Issue 2
This newsletter provides the main achievements within first 9 project months, some information about the technical meeting in Sweden and highlights of dissemination activities.

May 2018

SERENA Newsletter Issue 1
The first newsletter provides an overview of the main project information, as well as further information about the technical approach, ongoing activities and meetings.

March 2018

SERENA General Presentation
General presentation about the project.

February 2018

Austrian Press Release
This press release was published in Austria and announces the SERENA project.

SERENA Leaflet
The leaflet is one of our tailored dissemination materials capable of reaching a broad audience (mainly used for fairs and project meetings).

Announcement Letter
The announcement letter was released at the project start and provides first information about the scope of SERENA.