July 2019

15th ConTEL - International Conference on Telecommunications
3rd to 5thof July, Graz, AUSTRIA

June 2019

IEEE International Microwave Symposium
2nd to 7thof June, Boston, USA

May 2019

IEEE International Conference on Communications
20th to 24thof May, Shanghai, China

February 2019

IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference
17th to 21stof February, San Francisco, USA

November 2018

BIMos Day: "The Mathematics of Multiple Antenna Communications”
19th of November, Berlin, Germany
Partner TUB gave a talk.

October 2018

ESA 9th Wide band gap semiconductor workshop
08th of October, Didcot, Great Britain
Partner EPIGAN attended the workshop.

September 2018

48th EMW week
23rd to 28th of September, Madrid, Spain
Partner EPIGAN presented a booth: GaN products for 5G and partner IFAT attended the conference

EU - South Korea workshop on Nanoelectronics
13th of September, Seoul, South Korea
Partner EAB participated in the workshop on Nanoelectronics.

Future Industrial Communication
12th of September, Berlin, Germany
Partner Fraunhofer attended the 5G event in Berlin.

June 2018

Epitaxial processes of GaN-on-Si (and SiC) for RF applications
15th of June 2018, Philadelphia, United States
Partner EPIGAN presented the project at the International Microwave Symposium 2018 (IMS).

April 2018

Compound Semiconductor International Conference - CSIC
10th of April 2018, Brussels, Belgium
Partner EPIGAN gave an oral presentation at the conference, as part of the session "5G: where are we and what's next?".

March 2018

WSA – Workshop on Smart Antennas
14th to 16th of March 2018, Bochum, Germany
Partner TUB presented a conference paper.